Patient Navigator

navigator and female patientWe are committed to ensuring that every patient be informed and supported through all stages of treatment. A dedicated patient navigator is available, on staff, to guide patients and connect family members to important resources and provide practical services that can alleviate worries and stress.

  • Part of the clinical team from the initial consultation, the patient navigator guides patients through pre-admission testing, medical clearance protocols and paperwork completion before surgery.
  • If the patient does not have a primary care physician, the patient navigator can offer referral suggestions to local physicians and facilitate appointment scheduling.
  • When the patient comes from out of the area, the patient navigator can arrange for local affordable housing for a period of one night to several weeks. Family members can also be accommodated to keep the patient’s support system close by.
  • If the patient needs transportation to and from treatment, the patient navigator can investigate options and help to find one that is right for the patient.
  • Whenever patients or family members have questions about anything — from a test to a treatment, therapy or surgery — the patient navigator can provide answers, information and education.
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