Internationally renowned and respected. The Institute for Head and Neck and Thyroid Cancer welcomes patients and physicians from around the world who seek the highest degree of expertise in head and neck and thyroid surgery. Everything we do is focused on one goal: providing the best possible outcome for every patient under our care.

  • Members of our staff have written the authoritative texts used to teach current and future physicians.
  • We have instituted the country’s first research center dedicated to evaluating the impact of treatment on patients with head and neck and thyroid cancer.
  • We help patients understand their diseases and provide support to help them deal with psychological effects.

We are proud to be part of Mount Sinai Beth Israel.

We’re rewriting the book on treatments and outcomes.

Ours is the only center in the world that can lay claim to publishing contemporary, authoritative textbooks in head and neck oncology, radiation oncology, head and neck surgery, and head and neck pathology.